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GARDASIL 9 helps protect individuals ages 9 to 45 against the following diseases caused by 9 types of HPV: cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers in females, anal cancer, certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers and genital warts in both males and females. GARDASIL 9 may not fully protect everyone, nor will it protect against diseases caused by other HPV types or against diseases not caused by HPV. GARDASIL 9 does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so it’s important for women to continue routine cervical cancer screenings. GARDASIL 9 does not treat cancer or genital warts.


How Do I Get  GARDASIL 9?

HPV Vaccination for Young Adults

You can get the HPV vaccine at a doctor’s office, pharmacy, or health care clinic.

Start the Conversation


Your health care professional will help you decide if you should get the HPV vaccine.

Insurance Information


GARDASIL 9 may be covered by many private insurance plans. Wondering if your insurance covers GARDASIL 9?

Contact Your   Insurance Plan


Call the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card. If your insurance needs a code for the vaccine, the CPTa code is: 90651

Ask your insurance plan these questions:

  • Is GARDASIL 9 covered?
  • Will I have a co-pay?
  • Where can I go to get the vaccine?

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HPV Vaccination and Insurance Coverage

If You Choose to  Get the  Vaccine at a Pharmacy


There may be different ways that GARDASIL 9 is covered in the pharmacy. Be sure to give your prescription benefit card, and your medical benefit card to the pharmacist, and ask them to check both cards for coverage.

Merck does not guarantee coverage by your insurance plan. Merck is not responsible for any action that you take in seeking coverage.

You should contact your insurance plan directly to ensure that you have the most accurate and timely information, as your coverage status can change.

HPV Vaccination and Insurance Coverage

Find a Pharmacy


If your insurance covers GARDASIL 9 in a pharmacy, enter your ZIP Code below to find nearby pharmacies that may offer the HPV vaccine.




Site intended for US residents 18+ only. Please contact the pharmacy to determine vaccine availability and pharmacy's ability to administer vaccine in your particular situation. You may also want to discuss your insurance information in advance to verify coverage. The information provided here is not intended to replace medical advice from a health care practitioner. Inclusion of a pharmacy is not a representation or guarantee that you will have insurance coverage for the product when administered at pharmacy. The choice of pharmacy also may affect your out-of-pocket costs. You should confirm your insurance coverage for GARDASIL 9 and its administration prior to vaccination.

These are not all the locations that may administer GARDASIL 9. If a location you are looking for is not listed, please contact the location to see if it is administering the vaccine.

The Find a Pharmacy feature is provided for informational purposes only and is based on information provided by pharmacies that have opted in and have agreed to include their information. Merck is not affiliated with any pharmacy and does not support the use of any particular pharmacy. One pharmacy is not preferred over the others. Merck does not make any warranty as to the features and support offered by any particular pharmacy. The inclusion of a pharmacy is not an endorsement of the location, nor is Merck making a representation or guarantee about the qualifications, competence, or skills of the vaccine providers.

Talk to a Health Care Provider About HPV Vaccination

Help Protect Yourself


Visit Your Doctor or Pharmacist. Ask About GARDASIL 9.

Your health care provider may not mention HPV vaccination—but you can. Ask how you can help protect yourself.

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Having trouble paying for your Merck vaccine?  Merck may be able to help. Visit

Having trouble paying for your Merck vaccine? Merck may be able to help. Visit

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Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of GARDASIL 9 or GARDASIL® [Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (Types 6, 11, 16, and 18) Vaccine, Recombinant], including those severely allergic to yeast, should not receive the vaccine. Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of GARDASIL 9 or GARDASIL® [Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (Types 6, 11, 16, and 18) Vaccine, Recombinant], including those severely allergic to yeast, should not receive the vaccine. GARDASIL 9 was not studied in women who knew they were pregnant.

The side effects include pain, swelling, redness, itching, bruising, bleeding, and a lump where you got the shot, headache, fever, nausea, and dizziness. Fainting can happen after getting GARDASIL 9. Sometimes people who faint can fall and hurt themselves. For this reason, your health care professional may ask you to sit or lie down for 15 minutes after you get GARDASIL 9. Some people who faint might shake or become stiff.